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Study Abroad Support

1) Objectives

  • To develop students' ability to conduct research at an international level
  • To provide opportunities and an environment for students to satisfy international standards in terms of research ethics, research trends, and research exchange.

2) Intended Scholars

  • Students participating in either the CORE Preliminary, the CORE Scholar, or the CORE Master's Scholar program.

3) General Overview

  • CORE Project Student who wish to engage in a study abroad program at a foreign university will be provided with one semester of support. Per student, financial support will be provided in the form of up to 7,000,000 won.
  • Support will provided only once during participation in the CORE Scholar or CORE Master's Scholar programs.
  • For CORE Master's Scholars, support may be provided for short-term study abroad programs which take place for 1 to 2 months during an academic break. Additionally, if a CORE Master's Scholar wishes to engage in overseas field study, the amount of support may be adjusted, depending on the region in question.

4) How to Apply

  • Students participating in the CORE Project may apply at any time by submitting an application.
  • After receiving approval from both their academic advisor and their department, students will be evaluated and selected by the CORE Project.
  • After completing their study abroad program, students must submit a report detailing their experience to the CORE Project.




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