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Guest (Block) Seminars by International Scholars in 2016

Host Department Guest Scholar Affiliation Visitation Date Lecture Title 
Chinese Language and Literature Ma Ching Joo Professor at Nankai University, China 2016. 10. 10 About Chinese Semantics and Functional Grammar
English Language and Literature Ewa Plonowska Ziarek Professor at SUNY University at Buffalo, USA 2016. Mid-December Hannah Arendt's Behavior and Narrative Theory
French Language and Literature Evelyne Grossman Professor at Paris Diderot University, France 2016. 10. 21 Body and Writing of 20th Century Paris Litarature
French Language and Literature Jean-Michel Rabate Prefessor at the University of Pennsylvania, USA 2016. 10. 06 The War of Jacques Derrida
French Language and Literature Seong-ok Bae Professor at L.A. Harbor College, USA 2016. 11. 09 Pascal's Universality
Spanish Language and Literature Bou, Enric Professor at the University of Venice Carpascari, Italy 2016. 11. 01 Auto Fiction Potention in Film
Spanish Language and Literature Ignacio Javier Lopez Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, USA 2016. 11. 26 Spanish Novels from the 19th and Early 20th Century
Spanish Language and Literature Seong-il Noh Professor at Purdue University, USA 2016. Mid-December The tradition of Carnivals in Latin America Novels
East Asian HIstory Song-chang Chen Professor at Hunan University, China 2016. 11. 18 Examination and Review of Newly Discovered Yuelu Qin Dynasty Bamboo Strip
Western History Henning S. Hufnagel Professor at the University of Zurich, Switzerland 2016. 10. 14 The Italian Renaissance and Giordano Bruno
Philosophy Dan Russel Professor at the University of Arizona, USA 2017. Mid-February Study of Ethics, Studies in Ancient Western Philosophy
Philosophy Ha-seok Jang Professor at Cambridge University 2016. 09. 27 Pluralistic Realism
(Integrated) Comparative Literature Serk-Bae Suh Professor at the University of California, Irvine, USA 2016. 09. 01 ~ 07 Liberal Art Seminar (Korean Studies in America)
Russian Language and Literature Andrei Dahin Professor at the National Nizhny University, Russia 2016. 11. 17 ~ 21 A study on Russian Avantgarde in Early 20th Century
Spanish Language and Literature Seong-il Noh Professor at Purdue University, USA 2016. 12. 13. The  Tradition of Carnivals in Latin American Novels
Chinese Language and Literature Dan-qing Liu Professor at the Institute of Chinese Social Studies, China 2017.1.15.~1.18. Understanding Chinese Grammar from a Language Typology Perspective
Archaeological and Art History Hideo Yoshii Professor at Kyoto University, Japan 2017.1.23.~1.26. Kyoto Imperial University Arachaeology Laboratory Research -A Survey of the Korean Peninsula
Spanish Language and Literature Yoon-jeong Lim Professor at University of Sao Paulo College of Humanities 2017.2.1. Literary Translation of Haroldo de Campos : Theory and Application




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