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Support for International Exchange

1) Objectives

  • To support and develop Students' ability to conduct research at an international level
  • To create an environment and provide opportunities that meet standards at an international level in terms of research ethics, modern research trends, and research exchange

2) Target Scholars

  • Students participating in the CORE Scholar and the CORE Master's Scholar
  • CORE Preliminary Scholars can also apply for program 2 (support will be provided for invitating overseas scholars and block seminars)

3) Main Content

Program 1: Support for Participation at International Conferences Apply

  • Financial Support will be provided for CORE Project students (approximately 40 students) participating at international conferences (presentations, papers, discussions)
  • The amount of financial support will vary depending on conference location. At most, support in the form 2,000,000 won will be provided.
    ※ Financial Support will be provided for airfare, accommodations, food, registration, etc.
    ※ Support may be provided for more than 5 students participating at the same conference.

Program 2: Support for the invitation of overseas scholars and block seminars Apply

  • Financial support will be provided for overseas scholar invitation and block seminars (12 cases) in order to promote understanding of modern international research trends.
  • Support for short-term lecture series conducted by prominent international scholars will be provided for scholars living abroad in the form of 5,000,000 won (maximum). Domestic prominent scholars will receive support in the form of 1,000,000 won. (maximum)
    ※ Support will be provided for airfare, accommodations, food, lecture materials, etc.

4) Procedure

  • CORE Project students may apply at anytime (applications must be submitted)
  • After receiving approval from the student's advisor and their department, the application will be evaluated, and potentially selected by the CORE Project.
  • After completion of participating students' program, they must submit an evaluation and final report.


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