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CORE Undergraduate Scholar

1) Eligibility

  ① Eligible applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at the College of Humanities at Seoul National University or be a double-major student who intends to attend graduate school at the College of Humanities at Seoul National University (students are free to change their major(s) in graduate school, not simply continue their undergraduate major, should they so desire).

  ② Eligible applicants must be within four semesters of entering graduate school or have completed at least 66 credits

    Example) If you wanted to receive funding for the second semester of 2016, it must be your plan to enter graduate school by September of 2018 or you must have at least 66 credits completed by the end of the 2016 summer semester.

  ③ Eligible applicants must hold South Korean citizenship.

  ④ Eligible applicants must not have the 4 major insurance policies (please include all supporting documentation when applying)

    ※ ①, ②, ③, ④ All of the preceding conditions must be met to be eligible.


 2) Core Undergraduate Scholar Benefits

  ① Undergraduate students who are selected as beneficiaries of the Core Academic Scholarship, which is an academic support grant, (hereinafter referred to as "Core Scholars") will keep their CORE scholarship status, unless they are disqualified by failing satisfy the scholarship requirements.

  ② Core Scholars will additionally be selected as Core Master’s Scholars if they attend graduate school at the College of Humanities.

  ③ Core Scholars will receive a monthly academic support stipend in the form of 600,000 won.

  ④ In addition to academic financial support, CORE Scholars are also eligible for support in other programs administered by the CORE Project, such as international exchange, international academic programs, and international academic conferences.


 3) Core Scholar Duties and Obligations

  ① CORE Scholars must be fully committed to their academic studies in accordance with the academic integrity obligations.

    ※ CORE Scholars must submit their grades to the CORE Project Center every semester, and for those scholars with the lowest 10% GPA, the CORE Project Committee will decide whether or not to continue support for the following semester.

  ② CORE Scholars are required to complete at least 9 credits each semester. (Exchange students are subject to the regulations of their department. Those scholars with an exceeding number of semesters are subject to the ruling of the CORE Project Committee.)

  ③ CORE Scholars planning to attend graduate school must adhere to the graduate school admission timetable.

  ④ CORE Scholars must report any change in their student status, be it transfer, suspension, expulsion, etc, to the CORE Project. In such cases, the CORE Project Committee reserves its right to alter support of the CORE Scholar.

  ⑤ Should a CORE Scholar choose to withdraw from the program due to personal reasons, he/she will retain their CORE Scholar status, however, financial academic support (the stipend) will cease immediately. However, funding will resume after the CORE Scholar returns and the situation is appropriately reviewed.

    Example) A CORE scholar receives funding for September-October 2016, and then takes a leave of absence for the remainder of the semester. However, the scholar then returns for the first semester of 2017. In this case the scholar will not receive funding for March and April, but funding will resume in May.





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