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CORE Master's Scholar

1) Eligibility

  ① Eligible applicants must be enrolled as a Master's student of the College of Humanities (only 4 semesters will be acknowledged by the CORE Project)

  ② Eligible applicants must hold South Korean citizenship.

  ③ Eligible applicants must not have the 4 major insurance policies (please include all supporting documentation when applying

    ※ ①, ②, ③ All of the preceding conditions must be met to be eligible.

 2) CORE Master's Scholar Benefits

  ① Those selected as beneficiaries of the CORE Master's Scholarship (henceforth referred to as CORE Master's Scholars), an academic support grant, will receive an academic support stipend every month in the form of 700,000 won.

  ② In addition to the monthly stipend, CORE Master's Scholars will also be eligible to participate in the programs

 3) CORE Master's Scholar Duties and Obligations

  ① CORE Master's Scholars are selected every semester.

  ② CORE Master's Scholars must be fully committed to their academic studies in accordance with the academic integrity obligations.

  ③ CORE Master's Scholars are ineligible for the GSI scholarship. Additionally, CORE Master's Scholar are ineligible for type A teaching assistantships at the basic education center and for teaching assistantship in the basic composition class.

  ④ CORE Master's Scholars must report any change in their student status, be it transfer, suspension, expulsion, etc, to the CORE Project. In such cases, the CORE Project Committee reserves its right to alter support of the CORE Master's Scholar.

  ⑤ Should the CORE Master's Scholar take a leave of absence from their graduate studies for personal reasons, provision of the stipend will cease immediately.

 4) Second Semester of 2016 CORE Master's Scholar Selection by Department

Department Number of Master's Students selected
Korean Language and Literature 14
Chinese Language and Literature 3
English Language and Literature 9
French Language and Literature 2
German Language and Literature 4
Russian Language and Literature 3
Spanish Language and Literature 1
Linguistics 6
Korean History 6
East Asian History 4
Western History 1
Archaeological and Art HIstory 6
Philosophy 12
Religious Studies 3
Aesthetics 6
Asian Languages and Civilization -
Western Classics (Assc) 1
Cognitive Science (Assc) 3
Comparative Literature (Assc) 2
Record Keeping and Management (Assc) 2
Performing Arts (Assc) 3
Total 91





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