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① College of Humanities Academic Disciplines






Number of



Liberal Arts

and Social





Linguistics 1 Linguistics
Creative Writing    

Korean Language

and Literature

1 Korean Language and Literature

German Language

and Literature

1 German Language and Literature

Russian Language

and Literature

1 Russian Language and Literature

Spanish Language

and Literature

1 Spanish Language and Literature

English Language

and Literature

1 English Language and Literature

Japanese Language

and Literature

  Japanese Language and Literature

Chinese Language

and Literature

1 Chinese Language and Literature

French Language

and Literature

1 French Language and Literature

Additional Asian

Languages and


1 Asian Languages and Civilization

Additional European

Languages and



Liberal Arts in

Language and


Total 9 -
Liberal Arts

Philosophy and Ethics

1 Philosophy

HIstory and



Korean History, East Asian History,

and Western History

Religious Studies 1 Religious Studies

Cultural, Folk, and

Art History

1 Archaeological and Art History

International Regional



Liberal Arts and


N.C.E. 1 Aesthetics
Total 7 -
Combined Total 16 -


② Academic Departments participating in the CORE Project by number of full-time faculty and students 

Year of





Student Composition 

(undergraduate and graduate)

Number of Participating faculty (B) Number of student per faculty member

Number of actual student(A')

Figure by Quota(A/B) Figure by Number of actual student (A'/B)
2015 College of Humanities Korean Language and Literature 1,808 214 26 - 8.23
Chinese Language and Literature 157 11 14.27
English Language and Literature 211 28 7.54
French Language and Literature 92 10 9.20
German Language and Literature 74 12 6.17
Russian Language and Literature 60 6 10.00
Spanish Language and Literature 108 9 12.00
Linguistics 91 9 10.11
Korean History 142 12 11.83
East Asian History 81 8 10.13
Western History 76 8 8.44
Archaelogical and Art History 81 9 9.50
Philosophy 120 18 6.67
Religious Studies 71 8 8.88
Aesthetics 132 7 18.86
Asian Languages and Civilization 39 8 4.88
1,808 1,749 189 9.57 9.25


③ Plan for Financial Investment to Liberal Arts

Academic Years Investment Amount for Liberal Arts' Promotion(in units of thousands of won) Investment Growth Rate in Percentages(%) (Compared to 2015) Additional Remarks
2015 693,555    
2016 712,950 2.8% Awarding outstanding professors, invitation to new generation of scholars, research support, support for research centers, establishment of foundation for future research, support for the development of Korean Studies, support for the education of integrated disciplines, SWP
2017 747,172 7.7%
2018 762,856 10%


④ Push to Widen Eligibility Standards

  • Increase student interest in integrated disciplines and provide a basis to meet fundamental academic needs.
  • Amendment of tenet, granting eligibility to not only participating students, but other students as well.


⑤ In order to reflect the values of the liberal arts, minimum learning standard has been relaxed.

Current Course Standard for Class Cancellation

By Class Type/Lecture Faculty/Special Lecturer Non-faculty
Undergraduate Major Course

Canceled if 4 or below 

(available if 5 or above)

Canceled if 7 or below 

(available if 8 or above)

Liberal Arts Lecture

Canceled if 9 or below

(available if 10 or above)

Canceled if 19 or below

(available if 20 or above)

* In practice, most small-scale classes are allowed, but in accordance with the above criteria, if there is a reason, class cancellation may be postponed.

※ College of Humanities Lecture Continuation (Class Cancellation exceptions) in 2015

Type Classes that Faced Cancellation Classes which Applied for Permission to Continue Classes that were Allowed to Continue
Liberal Arts 37 10 10
Major Course 11 5 5





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