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Participating Departments

All departments of the Seoul National University College of Humanities are participating in the CORE Project.
* Participating departments include the following 16 departments: Korean Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Linguistics, Korean History, Asian History, Western History, Archaeological and Art History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Aesthetics, Asian Language and Civilization

Participating Departments by Model
Model Number of Participating Departments Number of Participating Faculty Number of Participating Students General Overview
Fundamental Academic Strengthening 16 189 2,043 The promotion of outstanding scholarship for current and future generations by motivating and encouraging independent research and study.
Campus-wide Model
(SNU Model)
16 189 1,541 Maintaining core liberal arts' values while also educating scholars to meet the demands of the modern era.


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