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Internship Support

<Support for internships at public and private organizations>

  • Eligible students: 20 students affiliated with the integrate/joint major programs
  • Range: Support in the form of up to 500,000 won for two months, per person.
  • Current Examples

1. Professor Jang Won-chul's research laboratory in the Department of Statistics at the College of Natural Science.

   - Open to not only Seoul National University students, but all students.

   - Analysis of historical figure network in the Chosun Dynasty Annals and art history research.

2. Professor Kim Jang-suk's research laboratory in the Department of Archeological Art History at the College of Humanities.

        3. Participation in Professor Cho Sung-joon's research at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the College of Engineering.

           - 1 Academic credit will be provided.




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