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Developmental Support for the Joint/Integrated Major Education and Research Program

① Outline

- Under the Initiative for COllege Humanities Research and Education's SNU Campus-wide Model, the project will provide developmental support to selected research centers related to the integrated/joint major program.

② Overview

- With a focus on the departments and research centers participating in the Initiative for COllege Humanities Research and Education's four majors (Comparative East Asian Studies, the Classics, Data Science in the Humanities, Political and Economic Philoshophy) we are seeking a new programs or majors for these majors.

- We activley support the operation and special activity costs of research centers participating in the integrate/join major program (for instance, special lectures given by foreign scholar, academic conferences/meetings, etc)

- To help invigorate research centers participating in the integrate/joint major program, financial support may be used for a variety of reasons, however, development fees related to equipment, supplies, allowances for full-time (on-campus professors), etc will not be supported.

- It is our plan to provide financial, developmental support in the form of 8,000,000 won to each of the 10 selected research center participating in the integrated/joint major program.

- A fixed stipent can be arranged to support non-faculty lecturers/researchers or graduate students who participate in conferences and/or developmental work.

- The Development expense, as a rule, is administered via card or account deposit. When reporting results, the relevant documents and statements must be attached.

- In order to participate in this developmental effort, participating research centers must hold at least 2 workshops or seminars on teaching methodologies and liberal arts education by December 31st, 2016 in order to develop a suitable model for these new fields and disiciplines

- Developmental efforts must start after September 1st, 2016 and end by January 15th, 2017

     <Reseachers Centers Selected for Support under the Integrated/joint Major Education/Research Program>

Research Center

Director of Research

Intergrated/Joint Major

Overview of Development Program

Development Period

Cognitive Science

Cheong-taek Kim

Joint Major: Data Science in the Humanities

Quantitative Data Analysis Education Program for Liberal Arts Students


Philosophical Thoughts

Ho-geun Jeong

Joing Major: Political and Economic Philosophy

Philosophical Research and Model Development for the Political and Economic Philosophy Major.


Cultural Heritage

Jong-il Kim

Joint Major: the Classics

Creation and Use of a Archaeological Art Data Base


Korean Language and Literature

Jong-muk Lee

Joint Major: the Classics

Teaching Korean Literature under the Classics Joint Major


English Language and Literature

Joon-soo Bong

Joint Major: the Classics

Review of historical and theoretical dimensions and practical applications in English Language and Literature


Historical Research


Integrated Major: Comparative East Asian Studies

Research and Model Development for the Comparatie East Asian Studies Integrated Major


German Language and Literature Jin-ho Hong

Joint Major: the Classics

German Medieval-Baroque Literature Teaching Methodology 2016.09.01.~2017.01.15
Western Classics Chul-hyun Bae

Joint Major: the Classics

Research and Model Development for the Classics Joint Major - The Greek and Latin Track 2016.09.01.~2017.01.15
Arts and Culture Hye-kyung Shin

Joing Major: Data Science in the Humanities

Research on Performance Production and Utilization 2016.09.01.~2017.01.15

French Language and Literature

Jeong-hee Kim

Joing Major: Political and Economic Philosophy

Cultural Lectures and Pedagogy Research





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