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Guest Lectures Conducted by Distinguished Domestic Scholars in 2016

Host Department Guest Scholar Affiliation Visitation Date Lecture Title
Archaeological and Art History Geon-mu Lee Former Cultural Affairs Director 2016. 10. 10 Understanding the Korean Bronze Age
Russian Language and Literature Jeong-hee Kim Professor at Seoul National University 2016. 10. 14 Special Lecture on Russian Avantgarde 1
2016. 10. 21 Special Lecture on Russian Avantgarde 2
So-bin Choi Professor at Dankook University 2016. 10. 28 Special Lecture on Russian Avantgarde Ballet
Mee-hyeon Ahn Professor at Seongshin Women's University 2016. 11. 04 Special Lecture on Russian Avantgarde Music 1
2016. 11. 11 Special Lecture on Russian Avantgarde Music 2
중어중문학과 Jeong-ah Jang Professor at University of Incheon 2016. 09. 23 "Where are the People of Hong Kong going?" National, Ethnic, Independence
Seung-joon Park Professor at University of Incheon 2016. 09. 30 China's Role in the Unification of the Korean peninsula
Dong-wook Won Professor at Dong-A Uniersity 2016. 10. 07 One Belt One Road policy of China and Korea's Response
Bok-young Park Professor at Kyung-Hee University 2016. 10. 14 The Future of International Monetary System and the Renminbi
Kwan-soo Kim Professor at University of Incheon 2016. 10. 21 A Gift called China - the Views and Experiences of Korean Workers
Man-soo Ji Korea Institute of Finance 2016. 10. 28 The G2 Era, China's Economic Change and Response
Kap-yong Yang Professor at Sung Kyun Chinese Institute 2016. 11. 04 Communist China Leadership and Democracy
Yoon-mi Jang Lecturer at Yonsei University 2016. 11. 11 China's State-Labor Relations
Kwang-jin Oh Chosun Economy Journalist 2016. 11. 18 Chinese IT Companies
Ki-yeon Lee CJ E&M Investment Distribution Team Leader 2016. 11. 25 The Future of Korean-Chinese Cultural Business after the THAAD Debate
Korean Language and Literature Tak-hwan Kim Novelist 2016. 09. 29 The Strife and the Rewards of Modernizing the Classics
Russian Language and Literature Yeo-seon Kwon Novelist 2016. 10. 04 "Hello, you drunk!" and the Korean Novel
French Language and Literature Sang-yong Park KBS Journalist 2016. 09. 19 Europe at War on Terrorism
Myoung-bok Bae Joongang Ilbo Editorial Writer 2016. 09. 29 The Brexit and France
Jong-soo Lee Director of Korean Culture Center in France 2016. 10. 05 Did K-Pop Make a hit in France?
Tae-joon Park Korea Institute of Vocational Competence Development 2016. 10. 10 Vocational Education in Africa
Do-young Song Professor at Hanyang University 2016. 10. 17 Urban Space of Magreb
Dong-hwan Choi Former Ambassador 2016. 10. 19 French Canada - Traditions and Culture
Seong-taek Nam Professor at Hanyang University 2016. 10. 24 Major Trends in Contemporary French Architecture
Seong-tae Kim Representative Director of Korea Technology Industry 2016. 11. 02 Our Role in Global Era
Soo-won Lee Movie Programmer 2016. 11. 07 The Business of French Film: Cannes Film Festival
Ji-young Shim DR Congo National Museum 2016. 11. 14 Black African Art and Modernity of Africa
Ji-min Kang Deputy Director, Korea Eximbank 2016. 11. 16 The Major Donor Agencies' ODA Strategy in Africa
Kyoung-deok Park Research Fellow at POSCO Management Institute 2016. 12. 06 Korean Culture Boom in Africa
Korean Language and Literatrue Seong-woo Han Professor, Inha University 2016. 12. 06 The Language of Our Food
John M. Franki Professor, Yonsei University 2016. 11. 03 Korean Traditional Alcohol
French Language and Literature Seok-ho Yoo Professor, Yonsei University 2016. 10. 12 Labele's World of Works
Min-hwa Shim Professor, Deoksung Women's University 2016. 10. 17 Montaigne's "I" : A figure of the Modern West
Spanish Language and Literature Romo Simon Professor, Hankook University of Foreign Studies 2016. 11. 01 The Semantics of Prepositions through Cognitive Liguistics
Archaeological and Art HIstory Byoung-heon Choi Professor, Soongsil University 2016. 11. 07 Understanding the Proto-Three Kingdoms Period
Philosophy Jeong-jeon Lee Professor, Seoul National University 2016. 10. 27 The Problem of Incom Inequality - From a Political, Economic, Philosophical Perspective
Korean Language and Literature Dong-hyeon Choi Professor, Gunsan University 2016. 11. 07 Retrospective and Future Prospects of Pansori Research
Linguistics Yeol-won Seong Manager, SK Telecom Technology Center 2016. 11. 23 Building and Utilizing Data for the Development of AI Technology
Philosophy Young-soo Kim Professor, Youngnam University 2016. 11. 24 End of Koryo, Early Chosun - The Political and Philosophical Background




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