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Support for Extracurricular Academic Activities

1) Objectives

  • To help scholars develop an attitude which will enable them to engage in independent and challenging research.
  • To develop student's fundamental research ability, so that they become outstanding scholars that are both independent and creative.

2) Intended Scholars

  • Students participating in either the CORE Scholar or the CORE Master's Scholar programs.
    ※ Students participating in the CORE Preliminary Scholar program may engage in Program 3 (support for guest lectures by prominent domestic scholars).

3) General Overview

Program 1: Support for participation in domestic academic conferencesApply

  • Financial support of up to 50,000 won (up to 100 students) will be provided for participation in domestic academic conferences (presentations, discussion, debates)
    ※ Support will be provided for fees associated with participation
  • Support for transportation and registration may vary depending on the location.

Program 2: Support for thesis/dissertation/paper printing and publishing Apply

  • Financial support of up to 300,000 won (up to 10 scholars) will be provided for paper publication fees.
    ※ Support is intended for fees associated with publication.

Program 3: Guest lecture support for distinguished, domestic scholars Apply

  • Financial support in the form of up to 800,000 won will provided in order to invite distinguished, domestic scholars who will conduct guest lectures(up to 50) for students participating in the CORE Project
    (※ this may be adjusted in accordance with the Kim Young-ran(anti-graft) Law)
  • Academic and career counseling opportunities with eminent domestic scholars will also be provided.

Program 4: Honors Program (support for the development of an excellent graduation thesis/dissertation)

  • Support will be provided in order to help undergraduate students develop a thesis that demonstrates both formal completeness and academic expertise.
    ※ College of Humanities students not participating in the CORE Project will still have access to this program.

4) How to Apply

  • Students participating in the CORE Project may apply at any time by submitting an application.
  • After receiving the approval of both their academic advisor and their department, student applications will be evaluated and selected by the CORE Project.
  • After completing the program, students must submit a report detailing their experience to the CORE Project.


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