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Information on the 2018 winter IntegratedㆍInterdisciplinary major’s overseas on-site education (Italy)

The CORE Project will be offering an overseas on-site education opportunity for the 2018 winter break as detailed below. We hope that many interested students will apply.


1. Project Goal: The Classics and Philology Interdisciplinary Major Department is supervising this program to provide the opportunity to examine European Ancient/Medieval Culture by visiting some of Italy’s historic cities so that the participants can broaden their understanding of their major and motivate them so that they can later continue with the course of study.


2. Project Outline
  A. Supervising Department: Classics and Philosophy Interdisciplinary Major
  B. Objects of Participation:
    - Recently declared CORE IntegratedㆍInterdisciplinary majors
    - Undergraduate students in a department participating the CORE project

  C. On-site Education Period: Friday, January 25, 2019 - Monday, February 4, 2019 (9 nights 11 days)
  D. Location for On-site Education: Italy (Sicily-Rome-Siena-Firenze)
  E. Number of People Selected: about 20
  F. Primary Schedule (Intended)
  G. Sicily Library, historical archaeological site
    - Rome Vatican Secret Archives, Jesuit University Library
    - Siena Medieval Monastery Library, Siena University Library, Firenze Laurentian Library
    - Discussion Seminar (1) Intended


3. Selection Procedure
  A. Application Period: Friday, November 30, 2018 ~ 5:00 PM Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  B. Documents to Submit: sign-up sheet, legal representative consent form, agreement on offering personal information (attached form), copy of passport
  C. Method of Application: submit the original copies of required forms to the Classics and Philology Interdisciplinary Major Department Office (Building 14 Room #517)
  D. Announcement of Participants: To be announced individually after 3:00 PM Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  E. Other
    - Participation Fee: 600,000 KRW (payment to be made to the Travel Agency’s bank account, participants will be informed of the banking information at a later date)
    - Participants are required to attend the pre-departure meeting and follow-up meeting related to the on-site education
    - At the end of the overseas on-site education, participants must submit a final report
  F. Inquiries: Classics and Philology Interdisciplinary Major Department Office (T.02-880-2201/



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