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[Notice] Information on the CORE Project’s Colleage of Humanities Mutual Exchange Lecture Program for 2018 at Seoul National University

The CORE Project’s "Colleage of Humanities Mutual Exchange Lecture Program" for 2018 at Seoul National University will proceed based on the schedule below. This program is meant to provide the opportunity for SNU students and local community members interested in the relevant topics to experience a variety of lectures of humanities given by professors from universities other than SNU. We hope to have many people participate.


<Meeting Our Overseas Cultural Heritages: Buddhist Paintings>
Understanding the reality of our overseas cultural heritages, this lecture examine their current situation and characteristics through a considerable number of buddhist paintings which have been taken abroad.


<Is Automatic Translation Possible?>
1. This lecture will start with three questions.

① Why does automatic translation fail?

② How can the failures of automatic translation be overcome? Can they be overcome?

③ Can deduction and intuition be reduced into the field of computation?

2. This lecture will look at the two arguments below and bring up questions regarding the basic qualities, characteristics, distinctiveness, and future of translation. 

① The value of a sign is determined by the relationships between the sign and other signs within the system as a whole. (Ferdinand de Saussure)

②  Every sign by itself seems dead. What gives it life? -In use it is alive. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)


<Korean Novels and the Ethics of Others>

The introduction for this lecture will be updated at a later time.


<The New World’s Baroque>

The introduction for this lecture will be updated at a later time.


<East Asian Thought and Artificial Intelligence>

How can the East Asian view of the world and East Asian ethics contribute to the age of Artificial Intelligence?


Contact: Seoul National University CORE Project Office (02-880-6297)



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