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[Notice] Regarding CORE Undergraduate Group Seminar Support Project for Fall Semester of 2018

1. In the interest of undergraduate recipients of CORE’s academic support fund, CORE is implementing a small scale undergraduate group seminar support project for the fall semester of 2018. We ask that all interested students apply. 

2. Project Outline

A. Project Title: Initiative for College of Humanities Research and Education Project (CORE) Undergraduate Group Seminar Support Project

B. Project Outline

- Project Purpose: To reinforce undergraduate students’ independent academic capabilities and the CORE project’s public effect.

- Target for Support: Seminar group of at least 5 students who are academic support fund recipients

※ It is possible to include team members who are not support fund recipients, but the director of the seminar group must be CORE scholarship students (or pre-CORE), students who are in a master's program or higher who which to join must submit a statement of reasons along with the application.

- Support Amount: Up to 500,000 KRW per team

- Application Period: Monday August 27 - Friday August 31, 2018 until 5:00 pm

- Period for Seminar: Thursday September 6 - Friday November 30, 2018

- Application Method: Submit the original application form (attached) to the CORE administration office.

C. Other

- The support fund can only be expensed through CORE’s corporate business card. 

- Students must receive prior approval from their seminar advisors. 

- Submission Period for Results Report and Statement of Accounts: submissions must be completed by 5:00 pm on Friday November 30, 2018

- Other Inquiries: CORE Project’s Administration Office (02-880-6297,



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