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[NOTICE] “Reflection” Contest for students who participated in CORE projects in the 2018 school year
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1. Seoul National University’s College of Humanities Research and Education Project (CORE) will be holding a “Reflection” Contest targeting students who have participated in various CORE group support programs.


2. Contest Outline

  A. Contest Topic

  ○ comprehensive reflection on your experience with CORE including your impressions of the project and your achievements, future plans, etc.
   - please include what CORE course or program you participated in and what positive changes and accomplishments you were able to achieve through the benefits of that course, how project support enabled your research activities and prospects, etc.


   - this reflection should not be a simple list of results, but a free-form description of different impressions and thoughts of your time participating in CORE, examples of the results of the benefits you received, etc.

  B. Contest Target: all students enrolled in humanities undergraduate and masters programs who have participated in any type of CORE support project

  ※ It is possible to correct and supplement the original copy submitted in the first “Reflection” Contest and re-apply (Not including students who were selected)

  C. Contest format: free form, no more than 5 A4 pages 

  D. Contest period: until August 31 (Friday) submit by e-mail (

  E. Extra information
   ○ After receiving submissions, CORE will evaluate and select the best work to receive awards
   ○ The best work will be submitted to the National Research Foundation of Korea; in this case award information will be as follows 
    - The chairman of the National Research Foundation of Korea will present a certificate of merit and grant (total of 31 people will receive the award/total grant amount of 21,500,000 KRW)
   ※ Prize money will be given after tax is deducted
   ※ After evaluation and ranking, the number of grant winners may change or there may be no winners
   ○ In the case where a students’ work is selected for publication in a booklet or for submission to the National Research Foundation of Korea, the student may be asked for use of their copyright 
   ○Further questions may be directed to the CORE project’s office (02-880-6299)



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