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[Application] CORE 2018 Summer Small Group Seminar Support for Joint and Interdisciplinary Majors

CORE provides 2018 Summer Small Group Semimar Supports for CORE Joint and Interdisciplinary Major students according to the information below. We encourage interested students to participate.

1. Eligibility

: Seminar groups of five or more undergraduate students including CORE joint/interdisciplinary major students

  ※ More than two thirds of the group members must have CORE joint/interdisciplinary major / Seminar leader MUST have one of the four CORE joint/interdisciplinary majors: Comparative Studies for East Asian Humanities, Classics and Philology, Data Science for Humanities, Philosophy, Politics and Econimics

2. Support Funds: up to 300,000 won per team

3. Project Period: Fri. June 22nd to Thur. August 23rd, 2018

4. Application Period: Thur. June 14th to Wed. June 20th, 2018, by 5:00PM

5. Application Process: Complete the attached forms and submit them to the CORE Administration Office (Building 14, Room 607)

6. Support Fund can ONLY be charged on Corporate credit card. Applicants MUST seek advisor's permission to apply beforehand.

** Result forms and supporting documents submission deadline : Thur. August 23rd, by 5:00PM

Please contact CORE office (02-880-6297) for further information and inquiries.



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