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2018 CORE Support for Domestic and Oversease Academic Conference Participation Expenses

CORE project provides financial supports for the CORE recipients to participate in domestic and oversease academic conferences as follows.


1.  Eligibility: CORE academic support recipients (undergraduates and Master's)


2. Support Outline

  A. Domestic Conference Participation: maximum 50,000 won (actual registration fee and transportation expenses)

  B. Oversease Conference Participation: maximum 2,000,000 won

    - Air fare and registration fee (actual amount)

    - Lodging and food expenses (according to SNU travel expense regulations)

    - Guiding professor can be supported in case three or more students attend a same conference with the professor


3. Application period: at any time

※ Support will no longer be available when the funds run out. In case of oversease conference supports, priorities are given to paper presenters.

Support will take actions upon completion of the budget planning for the year


4. Application procedure: Complete the attached forms and submit to the CORE administrative office (Bldg. 14 Room 604)


5. For Inquiries: contact CORE office at 02-880-6299 or


Attachment 1. Application for domestic academic conference expense support

Attachment 2. Application for oversease academic conference expense support



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