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[Application] CORE Small Group Seminar Support for the 2018 Spring Semester (CORE undergraduate and Joint·Interdisciplinary Major)

CORE provides 2018 Spring semester Small Group Semimar Supports for undergraduates receiving a CORE scholarship and CORE Joint and Interdisciplinary Major students according to the information below. We encourage interested students to participate.

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1. Eligibility

1) Enrichment of core studies Model: Seminar groups of five or more students that include students receiving CORE Project academic grants
  ※ Participants may include students who are not recipients of CORE Project academic grants, however the group seminar leader must be a CORE academic grant recipient or a CORE preparatory

2) University-specific (SNU) Model:  Seminar groups of five or more undergraduate students including CORE joint/interdisciplinary major students

  ※ More than two thirds of the group members must have CORE joint/interdisciplinary major / Seminar leader MUST have one of the four CORE joint/interdisciplinary majors: Comparative Studies for East Asian Humanities, Classics and Philology, Data Science for Humanities, Philosophy, Politics and Econimics

2. Support Funds: up to 300,000 won per team

3. Project Period: Monday, April 2nd to Friday, June 8th, 2018

4. Application Period: Wednesday, March 21st to Thursday, March 29th, 2018, by 5:00PM

5. Application Process: Complete the attached forms and submit them to the CORE Administration Office (Building 14, Room 607)
  ※ Be aware of the support type (CORE or University-specifi Model) and submit the corresponding documents

6. Support Fund can ONLY be charged on Corporate credit card. Applicants MUST seek advisor's permission to apply beforehand.

** Result forms and supporting documents submission deadline : Friday, June 8th, 2018, by 6:00PM

Please contact CORE office (02-880-6297) for further information and inquiries.



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