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[EXTENDED NOTICE] 2017 Fall Semester Joint and Interdisciplinary Major Overseas On-Site Education Support (USA)

The CORE Project is providing an overseas on-site education opportunity for students in CORE-associated joint and interdisciplinary majors during the winter break. Details are as follows:


​1. Objectives: To improve students' knoledge and experience through overseas on-site education for joint and interdisciplinary majors and enhance their research capabilities


2. Overview

  A. Supervising Programs: Data Science for Humanities and Philosophy, Politics & Economics
  B. Target Applicants: 
      - Students in one of the four CORE Joing and Interdisciplinary programs

       (Comparative Studies for East Asian Humanities, Classics and Philology,

       Data Science for Humanities, Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
      - Undergraduate students enrolled in any department in the Humanities affiliated with the CORE Project

Note. Students can apply for both of the overseas on-site education support programs in Japan and USA at the time of application. However, it is FORBIDDEN TO WITHDRAW FROM THE JAPAN PROGRAM TO PARTICIPATE IN THE USA PROGRAM.

  C. Number of Participants: Approximately 20 students
  D. Scheduled Period: Departure from Incheon on Monday, January 29th, 2018, from NY on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 / 7 days 5 nights
  E. Location: NY, USA

  F. Main Schedule (plan)

    ◎ Meetings with startups, business incubators, and other related parties

    ◎ Seminars led by eminent scholars from notable academic institutions on the East


3. Selection Process

    A. Application Period: Wed. Dec. 20th, 2017 to Wed. Jan. 3rd, 2018 by 6:00 PM (extended by one week)
    B. Required Documents: Application Form, Legal Representative Consent Form, Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information Form (see attached documents)
    C. Submission Procedure: Complete, sign and submit the required documents to the CORE office at bldg. 14, room 607
    D. Announcement of Participants: Scheduled for Mon. Jan 8th, 2018 

       (※ schedule subject to change according to the Project team’s schedule)

    E. Other Information:

        - Participation Fee: 600,000 won (additional fee for ESTA)
        - Participants must attend overseas on-site education pre-departure and organizational meetings
        - Participants must submit the designated form to the CORE Project team upon completion of the overseas on-site education

        - Additional details on the program will be updated on the CORE homepage (

    F. Questions: please contact Jaehee Kwon at the CORE Project office (T: 02-880-6298 / 



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