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[Application] 2017 Fall Semester CORE Master’s Study Abroad (Field Study) Support

The CORE Project provides study abroad (field research) support for CORE master’s students as follows:


1. Eligibility:

  A. Current CORE Master's beneficiaries or enrolled Master's student who have been selected as CORE Scholar

  B. Master's students who are going to study at a foreign university/institute for data collection and research for no more than 4 weeks during the winter vacation (※ The visiting university/institute has to be related to the students' specialty)


2. Support Amount: up to 4,000,000 won per person (Actual amount is dependent on study abroad location)

3. Application Procedure: Complete the attached forms to submit to the CORE Administration Office 

4. Application Deadline: Wednesday, December 27th, 2017, by 6:00PM 

 5. Selected students are required to submit an evaluation and report of results by Friday, February 23rd, 2018 after the completion of their overseas studies.

 6. Please direct any questions to CORE administration office (02-880-6297 /




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