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[NOTICE] Presentation on the CORE Joint and Interdisciplinary Majors
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  • Date2017-12-02 22:44:38
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We would like to invite you to a joint presentation on the College of Humanities Joint and Interdisciplinary Majors.


  ◎ Date: Monday, December 4th, 2017, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

  ◎ Location: Building 14, Room B101

  ◎ Target Attendees: Students of Seoul National University who are interested in the College of Humanities joint and interdisciplinary majors


  SNU College of Humanities has established four majors since the fall of 2016 for the purposes of opening up new academic domains and providing students with more exciting opportunities for exploration through the fusion of the foundational humanities with various other disciplines.



    *The Comparative Studies for East Asian Humanities Joint Major explores the literature, history and ideologies that cross the boundaries of East Asia

    *The Classics and Philology Interdisciplinary Major explores the classical Latin, Greek and Chinese literature that is essential for research in the humanities

    *The Political and Economic Philosophy Interdisciplinary Major fosters practical talent through a foundation in philosophy

    *The Data Science in the Humanities Interdisciplinary Major fosters humanities-based talent in data science


  These majors aim to answer the needs of this new era of the humanities while realizing the true value of the humanities through the introduction of new methodologies and melding of various disciplines.

  In order to provide a more detailed explanation of these majors, we will be holding a joint presentation for the four majors according to the information above, and we invite all interested students to attend. This presentation is open to not only students in the College of Humanities but all students of Seoul National University. 




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