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2017 Winter CORE Domestic Internship Support

1. As part of the College of Humanities students' career counseling and education, CORE Domestic Internship Support will operate as follows


2. Program Overview

  ○ Eligibility : Enrolled students at the College of Humanities and Joint/Interdisciplinary Majors (including new coming students)

  ○ Internship Period : End of December 2017 to February 2018 (2 months, varies depending on institutions)

  ○ Target Institutions and Number of Recipients : up to 15 students at 6 institutions

   - Money Today

   - SBS New Media

   - Yulchon LLC

   - The Institute for Democracy (Policy research institute for the Minjoo)

   - Kim, Yong Tae Office (National Assembly member for the Bareun party representing Yangcheongu-Eul district)

   - Kim, Su Min Office (National Assembly proportional representative for the People's party)

   ※ Please refer to attachment 1 for further details


3. Application and Announcement Schedule 

  ○ Application Period : Mon. November 27th to Fri. December 1st, 2017

  ○ Required Documents: Complete, sign and email the forms in attachment 2 (application, CV, plege, consent, etc.) to the CORE office (

  ○ Announcement Schedule : Successful applicants will be notified individually by email/SMS on Wed. December 13th after 1PM

   ※ Selected applicants are required to submit internship results forms


Attachment1. CORE domestic internship support plan

Attachment2. CORE domestic internship application forms




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