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[Application] 2017 CORE Fall Semester Academic Grant Application Notice

2017 CORE Fall Semester Academic Grant Application is open as follows. We encourage interested students to apply.


1. Eligibility:

A. CORE Undergraduate Program: Undergraduate students enrolled in classes in the College of Humanities (who have completed at least 66 credits) who intend to enter graduate school in the College of Humanities within four semesters (including students who will re-enroll from the 2017 fall semester).


B. CORE Master’s Program: Master’s program students currently enrolled in classes for the 2017 fall semester

- Students on academic leave and students finished with coursework are not eligible for support

- GSI teaching assistants and teaching assistants supported by CORE resources through the Faculty of Liberal Education and Center for Teaching and Learning are not allowed to receive duplicate benefits (※ please check with your associated institution before applying)



2. Number of Positions and Amount of Support

A. CORE Undergraduate Program: approximately 110 students (650,000 won per month)


B. CORE Master’s Program: approximately 90 students (700,000 won per month)

※ the number of recipients is subject to change according to the regulations concerning the number of applicants and the ratio of master’s to undergraduate students



3. Application Frequency: per semester (twice a year)



4. Obligations

A. CORE Undergraduate recipients: after graduating, recipients must enter a graduate program in the Seoul National University College of Humanities

※ In case CORE undergraduate recipients fail to enter Master's program in the scheduled semester, the full amount of CORE academic grants has to be returned.


B. Core Master’s recipients:      

   1) administering mentoring to CORE undergraduate students

   2) during each semester of the grant, the recipient must participate in one or more academic conferences (as a speaker, discussant or on a question and answer panel)



5. Application and Recommendation

A. Student Application: bring your supporting documents and apply at your department or interdisciplinary program


B. Department Recommendation

1) Deadline: Monday, July 31st, 2017 by 6:00 PM

2) Documents: Student's application (attachment 1) and Department's applicants' list (attachment 2) should be officially submitted to the CORE Project


6. Further information: Undergraduate students who plan to attend SNU Humanities Master's program in 2018 spring semester have to apply for this grant program.


7. Further Questions: please contact the CORE Project Administration Office (02-880-6297)



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