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[Additional Recruitment] 2017 CORE Domestic Internship Support

CORE provides domestic internship supports for College of Humanities undergraduate students as follows.

1. General Information

○ Target Applicants: Students enrolled in the College of Humanities
                        and students registered for CORE-affiliated joint and interdisciplinary majors
                        (including students scheduled to enter)

○ Internship Period: Monday, July 3rd to Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 (2 months)

○ Internship Positions: SBS News Headquarters, New Media Bureau(maximum 6 positions)

            - New Media news editing assistant: 1 position
            - Video Mug news video production and planning assistant: 1 position
            - SBS News planning assistants and news video production assistants: 3-4 positions


2. Application and Announcement Procedure

○ Application: 9:00 AM Friday, June 23rd to 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

○ Complete and email attachment 1 (application, CV, pledge, consent form, etc.) to

○ Successful Applicant Announcements: Individual notifications by email on Friday, June 30th after 1:00 PM

   ※ Selected students must submit the Internship Results Report



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