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College of Humanities CORE Program News for July 9th, 2018
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College of Humanities CORE Program News for July 9, 2018

** Weekly or Biweekly Newsletter for Professors at the College of Humanities 


1. The following changes have been made to the project leader of CORE. We offer our thanks to the professors and ask for your cooperation as we complete our work for the third year. 

  - Previous Project Leader: Hyo-pil Shin(Department of Linguistics)
  - Current Project Leader: Jae-Young Lee (current Dean of Faculty of Liberal Education, future Dean of College of Humanities)
  - Term: July 4, 2018 - February 28, 2019 (until completion of work)
  - Reason for Change: Professor Hyo-pil Shin’s sabbatical for overseas research 


2. The selection of the planning service for 2018 summer overseas on-site education (Washington D.C.) is currently in the following bidding process.

  - Bidding method: negotiation due to contract, total big amount, restriction on competition (area-restricted), integrity pact subject to enforcement service
  - Announcement proposal receipt: June 26, 2018 (Tuesday) - July 5, 2018 (Thursday)
    ※ Only the bidder who submitted the price bidding form through the Korea Online E-Procurement    System’s electronic bidding system can submit the proposal

  - Proposal presentation and assessment: starting July 9, 2018 (Monday) at 9:30
  - Assessment location: College of Humanities building 14, Room #601


3.  The domestic scholar guest lecture and foreign scholar guest (block) seminar support project for the second semester (fall semester) of 2018 has begun accepting applications. We are thankful for the professors’ participation.

  - Target speakers: The entire College of Humanities and CORE alliance/connected major

    Support plan:
  - Domestic guest lecture: up to 500,000 KRW (only pay lecturer’s fees)
  - Foreign guest (block) seminar: up to 5,000,000 KRW (flight, lodgings, other expenses, lecturer’s fee, etc.)
  - Period of support: May end in the future but there are no plans to end support at this time.


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