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College of Humanities CORE Program News for January 2nd, 2018
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College of Humanities CORE Program News for January 2nd, 2018

** Weekly or Biweekly Newsletter for Professors at the College of Humanities

1. The 2017 budget for guest lectures conducted by distinguished domestic scholars is still available. Any department planning to invite a domestic scholar during the winter vacation (January to mid February) is eligible to apply. The project provides support for talks provided by non-SNU scholars and professors from colleges outside of the Humanities. (NB. SNU Humanities professors are not covered under this provision of the budget.)


2. The 2017 application period for Overseas On-Site Education for Joint and Interdisciplinary Majors has been extended. Please encourage all eligible students to apply.

   - Supervising Programs: Data Science for Humanities and Philosophy, Politics & Economics
   - Location: NY, USA
   - Scheduled Period: Monday, January 29th to Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 / 7 days, 5 nights
   - Target Applicants
      1) Students in one of the four CORE Joint and Interdisciplinary programs
      2) All students enrolled in any department in the Humanities affiliated with the CORE Project
   - Number of Participants: Approximately 20 students
   - Location: New York, USA
   - Planned Activities:
       ◎ Business Administration/Finance Seminar, UN Visit and Briefing
       ◎ Meetings with startups, business incubators, and other related parties
       ◎ Seminars led by eminent scholars from notable academic institutions in the East
   - Application Period: Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 to Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 by 18:00
   - Notice of Tender: Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 to Monday, January 8th, 2018 by 10:00
    ※ The above schedule is subject to change.

3. Six teams of undergraduates have been selected to receive support for 2017 Small-scale Group Seminar Activities during the winter break.

   - Seminar Period: Friday, December 29th, 2017 to Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
   - Amount of Support: 300,000 won per team




Seminar Leader



Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason: Reading and Discussion

Lee, Nam-In (Philosophy)

Kim, Seon-Uk



Modern Nations and Industrial Capitalism

Yi, Doo-Gab

(Western History, Cooperative Program, History of Science and Technology/

Assistant Professor)

Kong, Min-Woo

(CORE Preparatory)

Western History


Study of Chinese Medieval History Through Historical Documents

Cho, Sungwu

(Asian History)

Lee, Su-Bin

Asian History


Understanding the Philosophy of Adorno Through Readings in Negative Dialectics

Chung, Ho-Gun


Kwon, Tae-Hee



Freud, Civilization, and Psychoanalysis

Seo, Young-Chae

(Asian Languages and Civilizations)

Kang, Won-Jun

(CORE Preparatory)

Asian Languages and Civilizations


史記, Records of the Grand Historian: Class Readings

Kim, Byung-Joon

(Asian History)

Park, Jeong-Min

Asian History

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