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College of Humanities CORE Program News October 16th, 2017
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College of Humanities CORE Program News for October 16th, 2017

** Weekly or Biweekly Newsletter for Professors at the College of Humanities


1. The schedule for the fall semester of the College of Humanities CORE Mutual Exchange Lecture Program, is detailed below. It includes lectures provided by SNU as well as lectures provided to SNU by other universities. All interest expressed by professors is much appreciated, as is encouragement given to students to participate.




Invited Professor (Affiliation)



Lecture Subject



Lecture Dates






Provided to SNU



Lee, Changwoo



(Department of Philosophy,

Catholic University of Korea)



What is Happiness? Talks on a Philosophical Happiness (3 sessions)



(1) The ambiguity of “happiness”,  happiness as a mental state, the science of happiness



(2) Need theory, Objective List theory



(3) Perfectionism, remaining issues



2017.10.16. (Mon), 23(Mon),

30(Mon) 14:00~16:00




Building 14 Room #610



Kim, Seoksu



(Department of Philosophy,

Kyungpook National University)



A Beautiful Life and A Noble Life  (1 session)



2017.10.18. (Wed)




Roh, Gyeong-deok



(Department of History,

Ewha Womans University)



Currents of Contemporary History in the West and the World (3 sessions)

(1) The Russian Revolution



(2) The Soviet Experience of World War 2



(3) The Yalta Conference and the Beginnings of the Divided Korean Peninsula



2017.11.1. (Wed), 8(Wed),

15(Wed) 15:00~17:00



Provided by SNU



Kang, Sang-jin



(Department of Philosophy)



Philosophy of the Western Medieval Period



2017.11.6.(Mon), 13(Mon),

20(Mon) 17:00~19:00



Location:  Ewha Womans University



 (Philosophy Research Lab)

Gu, Beom-jin



(Department of Asian History)



Chinese History of the Mung and Chung Dynasties



(East Asian International Relations)





Location: Ewha Womans University



 (Historical Studies Research Lab)





Location: Sogang University



Lee, Young-mok



(Department of French

Language and Literature)



Encyclopedias and Adventures in Logic





Location: Ehwa Womans University



 (French Cultural Research Lab)


2. The current balance of expenses for the second year, totaling 1,104,200,000 won, has been issued. An operating budget is currently being formed. (Completion of the budget is scheduled for the third week of October)

 - Total Expenses for the 2nd year of operations: 4,206,271,000 won (includes residual expenses from the previous year)

    (CORE Project: 3,365,017,000 won / University Office Expenses: 841,254,000 won)


Published by the CORE Project (



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