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Welcome Message from the Project Lead

The College of Humanities at Seoul National University has been selected by the Ministry of Education as a 'Initiative for College of Humanities Research and Education (CORE)' recipient, and has thereby received funding in the form of 11.1 billion won for three years. The 16 academic departments participating in this project boast an outstanding international competitive edge (ranked by QS World University 2016: 16th in modern languages, 38th in linguistics, and 49th in philosophy). At Seoul National University, it is our goal to use this project not only to nurture outstanding individuals, but also contribute to in-depth research and development within the humanities.

At present, as entrance into the field of academia is left to personal choice without any particular guarantee of success, it is often the case that outstanding individuals leave South Korea for foreign universities or are lost to fields not related to academics. That being the case, it is imperative that universities and the government intervene and develop a system that discovers and supports our human resources. For this purpose, at the College of Humanities at Seoul National University we have created a model that encourages fundamental academic enrichment in order to cultivate superb scholars within the humanities. By developing a predictable financial support system and a robust academic infrastructure, we intend to use this model to create an environment where one can devote themselves fully to their studies and support the training of outstanding academic scholars.

As part of this project, CORE Master's, CORE Bachelor's, and CORE preparatory courses have each been established. Each academic department has selected outstanding scholars from students currently enrolled in degree programs, starting with sophomores all the way through Master's students. In addition, it is our plan to implement the following support and assistance programs for the selected scholars: CORE academic support (an academic support fund), the improvement of outstanding scholar independent research capability (through participation in domestic academic conferences, publication fee support, guest lectures conducted by distinguished scholars), and honors programs (support provided to encourage the development and writing of a top-notch graduation thesis).

On top of this, in addition to the foundational academic enrichment model, through the SNU model, which is a campus-wide model of Seoul National University, we will continue the preservation of the core values already existing within the humanities. Not only that, but at the same time we will encourage students to keep pace with modern intellectual demands. The SNU model is made up of one integrated program (East Asian Comparative Studies) and three interdisciplinary programs (data science in the humanities, study of the classics, and political and economic philosophy). This model not only encompasses the convergence of academic disciplines and global geography, but also strives to create new academic fields, and not simply link or integrate existing disciplines.

At SNU, even those humanities students not participating in the CORE project will still have access to special lectures on career planning and mentoring programs. This is but one part of how we are encouraging the deepening of the humanities field. We will achieve this goal by focusing on people and providing a system for humanities students, either as an individual or a group, to receive counseling, to participate in honor programs, and to develop an excellent graduation thesis.

Here at the College of Humanities at Seoul National University, based on the Initiative for College of Humanities Research and Education, we will use the models described above to deepen and revitalize the humanities as a whole by providing practical support to our humanities curriculum and to our outstanding scholars. On top of this, we believe these models will also contribute to the growth of Seoul National University as whole. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!



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